Stimmel, Stimmel & Roeser has developed an expandable system of legal personnel available based on the “corresponding counsel” concept first developed in Europe. This allows our overhead (and corresponding rates) to remain relatively low despite our ability to immediately expand counsel assigned to a particular case as much as required to match the personnel resources of the largest firms without being compelled to match their large overhead. Since all counsel assigned are known to Stimmel, Stimmel & Roeser and usually veterans of past expanded teams, it facilitates the creation of teams used to working as a coherent whole. It also allows use of counsel from abroad in a seamless manner. At times we have had nine counsel and four paralegals and clerks working on a single matter when required, with the team disbanding when the case concluded. The attorneys and personnel listed below constitute the first rung of attorneys and personnel who would normally be assigned to a case, but others are immediately available if required by a particular matter.