STIMMEL, STIMMEL & SMITH, P.C. is a long established San Francisco law firm specializing in serving the United States and International business community in every aspect of law that affects businesses and their personnel. We provide services and advice in business formation, contract formation, real property law, construction law, employment law, civil litigation and arbitration, intellectual property, and those related areas of personal legal matters which affect business people and their staff, such as estate planning and dissolution of marriage. Our firm has been awarded an "AV" rating in the International Directory of Attorneys of Martindale and Hubbell (the highest possible rating) and has been selected to be listed in the Bar List of Preeminent Lawyers for every year since 1998, representing the top 4% of the bar.

The United States legal system is justly famous for its system of safeguards that protect those accused of wrongdoing and its civil courts that enable every person to seek a fair hearing in a court of law. It is equally famous for its expense and complexity which causes many to dread becoming embroiled in legal matters. We are convinced that it works well but only if one knows how best to utilize its powerful tools and conduct cost benefit analysis.

For the past seventy years we have prided ourselves in offering our clients the type of affordable personal interaction that allows provision of practical legal service. We are not a legal factory spewing forth pleadings. We are a resource to allow you to understand and effectively utilize the power of our legal system.

Please see our Firm Profile page for more background on our firm. Also on our website are Attorney Profiles and Articles published by our members which discuss legal issues and/or are summaries of key areas of the law. Our legal library on our Articles Page is one of the largest available to the public and covers our various areas of practice. We look forward to serving you.


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